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College, Career & Community Pathways (C3P)

The College, Career and Community Pathways Program (C3P), founded in April 2020, nurtures the potential of Northern New Mexico students and adult learners through initiating and supporting collaborations and partnerships aimed at increasing equitable access to educational and career opportunities in our communities. 

At the heart of the C3P Program is providing direct support to partners, facilitating collaboration among organizations, and transforming systems to enable people to pursue their interests, build their skills, contribute positively to their communities and thrive.

We believe everyone deserves to be able to earn a living doing something they enjoy while making a home in their community of choice. 

The C3P Program has many promising projects and initiatives and is developing new ones as we respond to community needs. 

C3P Programs

Our projects and initiatives were designed to advance six strategies:

A group of teens seated on a curb, discussing with open books and laptops.

New Mexico Innovation Zones Initiative

Welcome to the homepage for the New Mexico College and Career Pathways Alliance and the New Mexico High School Transformation Coalition, two newly-formed statewide groups advising the New Mexico Public Education Department under the Innovation Zones Initiative. Remarkable work is…

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With continued support from several funders, C3P will continue to enhance the effectiveness of our existing projects and initiatives and be able to initiate new ones that can serve as a model for communities beyond Northern New Mexico.