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2020–2022 Strategic Plan

The LANL Foundation is dedicated to nurturing human potential and inspiring excellence in education and learning throughout Northern New Mexico through grantmaking, scholarships, programming, advocacy, our facilities and partnerships. Our work is rooted in the relationships we foster, the learning sciences and the guiding principles that teaching and leadership matter. We learn from and with the partners with whom we work as we develop opportunities which ensure that the children and youth in Northern New Mexico have the skills and confidence they need to become self-sufficient, lifelong learners who are engaged in their communities.

Early Childhood


The overall objective of the early childhood program area is to support communities, early childhood educators, families and stakeholders to develop knowledge about healthy brain and child development and culturally and linguistically responsive practices that i) prevent toxic stress and Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACES) and that ii) nurture each child and baby’s potential to thrive holistically in healthy communities. We also will work on early childhood workforce development by advocating for hirer pay for Early Childhood staff, promoting a tiered system to professionalize early childhood education and certifications to help build the capacity of Early Childhood teachers and caregivers.

Early Childhood Strategy 1

Increase access to culturally and linguistically responsive learning and caregiving by supporting the ongoing development of early childhood educators in trauma informed care, Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACE) prevention, whole child development and neuro-sequential modeling, while advocating for and supporting the professionalization of the early childhood field.


  • Increase home visiting services and equitable access to quality, culturally responsive, caring and nurturing early childhood environments in which all children thrive in Rio Arriba County.
  • Through the Rio Arriba County Early Childhood Collaborative, an actionable Early Childhood plan with established paths, from home visiting through kindergarten, that lead to lifelong learning for all children, pre-natal to age five, throughout Rio Arriba County and the Eight Northern Pueblos.
  • Increase pay for certified early childhood providers; stronger and more robust Early Childhood profession with more certified professionals.

Early Childhood Strategy 2

Build capacity by leveraging LANL Foundation’s and our partners’ resources to collaborate with early childhood providers and stakeholders from throughout our region to initiate respectful, thoughtful and open dialogue, convenings and learning opportunities that lead to new, intentional, practices and strategies that meet children’s and families’ needs.


  • Strengthen capacity and work force in home visiting.
  • Home Visiting capacity map maintained, analyzed and utilized by programs and early childhood partners (including the new Early Childhood and Care Department) to better understand the status and funding needs of home visiting in New Mexico.
  • Better knowledge and more expertise among home visitors and early childhood providers of interventions with children and families who have experienced trauma.
  • Increase training of early childhood providers in neuro sequential education and other relevant techniques to build strong, quality Early Childhood workforce.
  • Increase home visiting and knowledge of early childhood development in the Eight Northern Pueblo communities and improvement of early childhood education as they work to implement the early childhood plans developed in 2018.
  • The Foundation will increase or maintain quality early childhood program initiatives and funding beyond 2021.



The overall objective of the K-12 Program Area is to better prepare and support educators and education leaders by developing and sustaining opportunities that help teachers and leaders grow their knowledge, skills, and practices, particularly in culturally and linguistically responsive pedagogies, Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math (STEAM) education and the social emotional learning (SEL) sciences, while also working to strengthen school and district systems so that all children, educators, and leaders thrive.

K-12 Strategy 1

Increase K-12 student access to better-prepared educators who provide students with robust opportunities to learn in environments that are responsive to learners’ needs and interests, particularly in SEL practices.


  • A complete mapping of social emotional learning opportunities available to educators and students in the LANLF service area.
  • Increase awareness and understanding of SEL and more schools incorporating SEL practices.
  • A complete theory of change and action plan, developed with districts. Establish partnership with the Public Education Department, Northern New Mexico College, and others to hold a Social Emotional Learning convening in Northern New Mexico in 2020.
  • Increase grants and programming to support educators in integrating culturally and linguistically responsive practices with socio-emotional learning practices.
  • Increase state funding and policies promoting SEL practices in our schools.

K-12 Strategy 2

Grow and support teachers and education leaders in our seven county area in an effort to influence teacher retention and recruitment.


  • Publish comprehensive report on teacher staffing and students’ attitudes toward teaching, helping LANLF be known as an expert in this area and helping the State better understand the problem to address it more effectively.
  • Increase teacher retention and effectiveness with more National Board Certification (NBC) Training teachers in place.
  • Pilot and develop a leadership and advocacy support plan for districts to inform their hiring and retention practices,
  • Increase funding to teacher preparation programs that support native and local teachers.
  • Better trained teachers and more effective principals, resulting in lower turnover and decreased vacancies over time.

K-12 Strategy 3

Strengthen school and district systems, teacher preparation and professional development so that all children, educators, and leaders have increased access to strong careerpathways, especially in STEAM.


  • More elementary, middle school, and high school students have access to quality inquiry-based pedagogies in STEAM courses and are more likely to attend college of some kind to pursue STEAM careers.
  • Advocate for policies and conditions that support a STEAM pipeline while building a STEAM economy.
  • Northern New Mexico STEAM Coalition established.
  • Pilot established to build alignment between the school board, superintendent, administrators, teachers, and families in order to see dramatic improvement in children’s opportunities to learn in our region.

Scholarship & Career


The overall objective of the Scholarship & Career Program Area is to manage continued, sustainable growth of our scholarship program and broaden its scope to reach more under-served student populations in high school and while in college, assuring more students have access to college and/or career services and support along the way.

Scholarship & Career Strategy 1

Assure more students have access to college and/or career and support along the way.


  • Increase grant funding to school and community based organizations that focus on college and career access, transition and success.
  • Increase number of college campuses with LANL Scholar Student Ambassador programs.
  • Increase number of LANL Scholars who participate in campus-based programs (attended events, met with Student Ambassadors, participated in a peer/ mentorrelationship).
  • Increase number of students who indicate they connected to opportunities through the alumni network.
    • Publish white paper on college and career capacity to help the state better understand the issues.
    • Establish a normed college and career access best practices and calendar guide.
    • Establish and disseminate culturally and linguistically responsive college and career access information based on best practices and emerging trends
    • Advocate for more college and career support in schools.
  • Increase grant funding to schools that focus on college and career readiness.

Scholarship & Career Strategy 2

Manage continued and sustainable growth of our scholarship program and broaden our scope to reach more under-served student populations both in highschool and while in college.


  • Increase total amount of scholarships awarded annually while maintaining or increasing percentage awarded to students with financial need.
  • Increase scholarship donations from general public.Increase number of scholarships awarded to non-traditional students and those pursuing career or technical pathways.

LANL Foundation


The Foundation’s primary objective is to grow and sustain all of our program areas and be a resource in our community by (1) partnering with others to provide increased learning opportunities through the Foundation and by (2) sustaining and growing our Organization.

Strategy: Nurturing Partnerships and Learning

Collaborate with communities and foster capacity building in schools and non-profits by offering, designing and supporting convenings, conversations, learning opportunities and grant making that inspire excellencein education and learning in Northern New Mexico through relationships.


  • Strengthen grantee and community relationships that improve the capacity of our non-profit organizations.
  • Establish a Community Learning Center that is relevant and responsive to needs and interests of community members, families, educators, leaders and non-profits, while also helping to expand our ideas about what is possible.

Strategy: Foundation’s Sustainability and Growth

Continue to grow the Foundation’s financial and human assets and continue to build organizational and relational connections to foster the Foundation’s mission and vision.


  • Increase number of legacy gifts given to the foundation.
  • Increase revenue from outside sources as part of a scholarship campaign.
    • Increase opportunities for current staff to grow personally and professionally;
    • Individualized personal and professional development plan for each employee;
    • Staff and board composition reflect the communities we are serving, including leadership.
  • Increase local, State and national foundation and government support for our programs.LANL Foundation is known as a leader in public education, a non-partisan thought leader and a research based organization that is a great resource for information and learning.

Endowment Restriction

The LANL Foundation was created in 1997 by leadership at Los Alamos National Laboratory, the University of California, theDepartment of Energy, the Los Alamos Public Schools, and the New Mexico Congressional Delegation to support public schools and public school children inthe vicinity of Los Alamos National Laboratory. Our endowment earnings for educational enrichment can be used for this purpose and for reasonableadministrative expenses in support of this purpose.

Your tax-deductible donation to the LANL Foundation supports programs that inspire excellence in education and life-long learning in Northern New Mexico through innovative programming, collaboration and advocacy.