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LANL Scholars Program 

We want every scholarship recipient to thrive during their academic years and successfully transition to rewarding careers. The LANL Scholars Program is designed to offer support and guidance and assist you with establishing your professional network. We also aim to provide opportunities for LANL Scholar alumni to give back as mentors, advisors and donors. 

On Campus

LANL Scholars attending the University of New Mexico, New Mexico State University, New Mexico Highlands, and Santa Fe Community College have access to a campus-based program for LANL Scholars that provides resources and support for first year and transfer students. This program also seeks to build community among all LANL Scholars on campus through social events, workshops, and service opportunities.

Mentorship Opportunities

The LANL Scholars Professional Mentorship Program matches students with a mentor who has significant experience in their field of interest. Mentors are available to answer questions, offer advice and help students make valuable connections within the community or a profession—things that help students advance in their studies, careers and life. It’s not unusual to have many mentors along one’s path and later to become a mentor yourself.

Students can seek out their own mentor on, the mentoring and networking platform exclusively for LANL Scholars.

Internship Opportunities

LANL Scholars have the opportunity to work as paid summer interns at Los Alamos National Laboratory. The LAESF Advisory Committee and the Laboratory make every effort to match students with a mentor in their field of interest. However, due to the limited number of available positions, not every applicant may be placed, and some students may initially work in areas not closely aligned with their career goals. 

Interested in learning more about the LANL Scholars Internship Program? Attend an info session:

Wednesday, November 1, 2023 5:00pm-6:00pm MT | Webex Link

Tuesday, November 28, 2023 4:00pm-5:00pm MT | Webex Link

Wednesday, December 20, 20235:00pm-6:00pm MT | Webex Link

For more information, contact: Matthew Pacheco,

LANL Scholar Resources

Keep us informed. If you are planning to transfer or defer your scholarship, please complete and submit the “Notice of Transfer of Deferral” form. If you have questions about the scholarship terms and conditions, refer to the Deferral, Retention and Media Release Policy. You may also contact Mike Ammerman, Scholarship Program Manager at (505) 795-3778 or