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Early Childhood 3rd Quarter Update

GIVING THANKS AND RECOGNITION to Amory Malin, our Early Childhood Program Summer Intern.

Amory is a member of the Cow Creek Band of Umpqua Tribe and a rising junior at Bowdoin College with an academic focus in sociology and gender studies. She came to LANL Foundation because she was eager to work with and learn from a non-profit organization that collaborates with Tribal leaders and agencies.

“As a Tribal member, I have found that often non-profits come into my community, make decisions about what we need, and then leave,” Amory said. “In my experience here, LANL Foundation works together with Tribal communities in an inspiringly integrative way.”

Amory made many contributions to the LANL Foundation in her short time here. She brought valuable insight and direction to our Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging project. She gathered and organized data on grandparents and kin raising grandkids to help determine their specific needs and how direct assistance can best be provided. 

“Amory’s fresh perspective has been so inspiring for our team,” said Anna Marie Garcia, VP of Early Childhood Development. “She has been so eager to learn, and honestly, we all learned so much from her, as well. It was great to have new ideas and an extra set of hands to help move our work forward. We will miss her and hope that she knows she has a home here at the Foundation!” 

Amory’s favorite part of her internship was her visits to Pueblos across New Mexico with Anna Marie and RJ Martinez, Early Childhood Program Manager. During these field visits, Amory was able to view early childhood facilities and interact with early childhood educators.

“It was incredible to see how different every Tribe and Pueblo was from mine and from each other, but that we all share a common core of values,” said Amory. “I learned so much and it was so impactful to talk to such passionate people.”

In the future, Amory hopes to work with Indigenous communities on gender violence prevention, both at a Tribal and State level. In the meantime, she will be road tripping back to Bowdoin at the end of this summer. 

“Coming from a tribal community I have always tried to honor the guidance that my elders shared with me – to go get your education and come back and do right by your people by sharing your knowledge and gifts with them,” said RJ. “Amory brought some amazing gifts and insight to our Early Childhood team this summer that we will carry with us in our present and future work. Whatever path she decides to go in life, I know that many will benefit from the knowledge, talents, and heart she will bring.”

The Foundation wishes her the best of luck in all her future endeavors! She will be missed by all of us.