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Application Deadline: Ongoing
Reports to: LANL Foundation Board of Directors

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Job Summary:             

WittKieffer is thrilled to support the LANL Foundation in its search for a new President & Chief Executive Officer. This is an incredible opportunity for a visionary and dynamic individual to lead a team deeply committed to serving the diverse Northern New Mexico region.

Since 1997, the LANL Foundation has been dedicated to enriching education, learning, and human potential in Northern New Mexico. Through diverse programming and strategic collaborations, it ensures all New Mexicans possess the skills and confidence necessary for self-sufficiency and lifelong engagement in their communities. With assets exceeding $100 million, substantial funding partnerships, and a dynamic team of over 30 staff members, the Foundation is a pivotal force in shaping the educational landscape and future opportunities for the region’s inhabitants with a focus on K-12 public school children.

The Foundation has experienced notable growth, managing initiatives such as a comprehensive college scholarship program, early childhood education, college and career pathways, and an inquiry-based STEM program. These efforts complement its grantmaking, program development, and advocacy to uplift communities throughout Northern New Mexico.

The incoming President & CEO will leverage the Foundation’s solid funding base and strategic priorities to amplify its impact, focusing on building regional capacity and embedding equity principles to address systemic barriers. They will play a key role in building partnerships across Northern New Mexico’s diverse communities, including rural, Hispanic, and Native areas, leveraging their rich cultural heritage. This leader should excel in relationship-building across various groups, demonstrating strategic vision, operational efficiency, and a commitment to inclusivity.

The Board seeks a candidate with strong leadership in community nonprofits and philanthropy, preferably connected to Northern New Mexico. The Board values a leader who can effectively delegate while ensuring accountability, driving high-quality standards, and overseeing robust financial performance. The ideal President & CEO will be politically and business savvy, capable of infusing the Foundation with fresh ideas, inspiring trust among teams and partners, and demonstrating a commitment to creating a nurturing and engaged workplace environment.

Job Responsibilities

The successful President & CEO candidate will:

  • Develop Strategic Leadership and Vision: Execute strategic plans that align with the Foundation’s long-term goals and the dynamic needs of the educational sector. Lead with a forward-thinking approach to innovation in educational programs, anticipating future trends and challenges.
  • Enhance Organizational Excellence: Leverage the Foundation’s high-functioning, collaborative, and dynamic team culture to enhance professional development, teamwork, and excellence. Build upon existing best practices to mentor and grow the team, inspiring continued innovation and advancement. Reflect on the Foundation’s core values and mission in every aspect of leadership.
  • Collaborate with the Board: Work closely with the Board of Directors, offering regular updates, insights, and strategic advice. Support the board in its governance, fiduciary responsibilities, policy, and strategic oversight to maintain alignment with organizational goals.
  • Lead and Develop Staff: Recruit, hire, and retain a high-performing team of professionals dedicated to advancing LANL Foundation’s mission. Provide leadership, mentorship, and professional development opportunities for staff members to support their growth and success.
  • Engage with the Community and Advocate: Serve as the Foundation’s lead advocate and spokesperson, engaging with community leaders, educational institutions, and policymakers. Participate in forums, events, and meetings to promote the Foundation’s mission and expand its influence.
  • Build Partnerships and Relationships: Establish and strengthen strategic partnerships with local organizations, Native leaders, businesses (including LANL), educational entities, and government agencies. Ensure clear communication of the Foundation’s mission and achievements, fostering collaborative opportunities and resource sharing.
  • Spearhead Operational Excellence: Oversee the Foundation’s daily operations, ensure all resources are utilized efficiently, and optimize technology systems to maximize organizational effectiveness.
  • Facilitate Sound Financial Stewardship: Lead the Foundation’s financial strategy, including budget preparation, fundraising strategy development, and financial performance monitoring. Ensure the Foundation’s financial sustainability and capacity for growth.
  • Direct Policy Development and Compliance: Formulate and update policies to mirror best practices, legal standards, and ethical guidelines. Ensure compliance with all regulatory requirements, grant compliance, and maintain the Foundation’s integrity.
  • Enhance an Inclusive Organizational Culture: Build on the strong foundation of diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging (DEIB) within the organization. Expand DEIB initiatives, ensuring every team member feels valued and empowered. Strengthen the culture of open dialogue and reinforce cultural competency across all levels.

Eligibility Requirements:

The ideal candidate will possess ten or more years of related experience, preferably in the nonprofit sector, focusing on executive leadership for at least five years. A bachelor’s degree is required; a graduate degree in business or nonprofit administration is preferred.

▪ A bachelor’s degree is required.
▪ A graduate degree in business or nonprofit administration is desired but not required.
Knowledge and Work Experience
▪ A minimum of 10 years of related experience, preferably in the nonprofit sector, focusing on executive
leadership for at least five years.
▪ Extensive executive-level experience (CEO or senior leadership role) in a nonprofit organization with
exemplary quality, growth, and sustained financial strength is desired.
▪ Prior experience working with Native communities and in a rural setting is desired.
Core Skills
▪ Relationship and Collaboration: Proven ability to engage stakeholders and collaborate with boards and
executive teams, with a strong background in relationship-building.
▪ Financial and Resource Management: Comprehensive financial acumen, expertise in financial forecasting,
leadership in development/fundraising, and experience with volunteer boards and fundraising committees.
▪ Communication and Community Engagement: Exceptional communication skills and experience in
advocacy, public relations, and active community engagement. Ability to represent the organization externally.
▪ Adaptability and Problem-Solving: Capability to adapt to dynamic environments and innovate solutions to
conflicts, with crisis management experience and a commitment to organizational accountability.
▪ Team Management: Proven expertise in leading and mentoring teams, managing team dynamics, and
fostering inclusive environments.
▪ Fundraising: Demonstrated experience with fundraising strategies and initiatives, working with individual and
institutional funders.

Leadership Competencies
▪ Emotional Intelligence: Ability to be aware of, control, and express one’s emotions, handle interpersonal
relationships judiciously, empathetically, and humbly.
▪ Collaboration: Collaborates to develop and meet shared objectives, fostering a collegial environment for
work, learning, and solution development.
▪ Balances Internal & External Stakeholders: Anticipates and balances the needs of various stakeholders,
ensuring a harmonious relationship.
▪ Builds Networks: Ability to build formal and informal networks inside and outside the organization, serving as
a natural brand ambassador.
▪ Exemplifies Equity, Inclusion, Diversity & Belonging: Champions equity, inclusion, belonging, and
diversity; inspires culturally responsive and equitable care in a diverse and inclusive work environment.
▪ People Leader: Prioritizes employee well-being, engagement, and recognition; develops future organizational
▪ Inspires Excellence: Motivates toward ambitious, attainable shared goals, creating a high-performance
culture for the betterment of the organization and the communities served.
▪ Instills Trust: Leads by example to generate followership, establishing credibility, and trust.
▪ Strategic & Growth Mindset: Envisions future possibilities and threats, developing breakthrough strategies.
▪ Creates Alignment & Shared Accountability: Fosters a culture of accountability aligned with strategic
goals, holding self and others to commitments.
▪ Business & Financial Savvy: Demonstrates business acumen and knowledge of the nonprofit sector.
Committed to continuous learning and sound resource stewardship.
▪ Continuous Improvement Mindset: Advocates for operational excellence and continuous improvement,
promoting best practices.

To Apply:

All applications, nominations, and inquiries are invited. Applications should include a CV/resume and a letter of
interest as separate documents. Review of applications has begun and will continue until the position is filled.
Application materials should be submitted using WittKieffer’s candidate portal. Please direct all inquiries or
nominations to the WittKieffer consultants assisting LANL Foundation with this recruitment, preferably via e-mail,

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