Girls Inc. of Santa Fe

Girls Inc. of Santa Fe inspires girls to be strong, through lessons and activities supporting mental and physical health; smart, through hands-on activities involving STEM concepts, reading, and college preparation; and bold, through discussions and activities that promote economic and media literacy and advocacy for self and others.
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College and Career Plaza

College and Career Plaza offers culturally and linguistically relevant college access and career development mentoring and guidance to all 9th-12th graders enrolled at Santa Fe High School, Santa Fe Indian School, Capital High School and Monte del Sol Charter School.
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Chama Valley Arts

Chama Valley Arts provides arts programs for community members of all ages from the Chama Valley, as well as producing the Chama Valley Art Festival and other events for local artists to show and sell their work.
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Bridges Project for Education

Our approach is simple and straightforward--support the needs of all students of all ages, backgrounds, circumstances and achievement in the pursuit of postsecondary education--from bachelor and associate degrees to trade and vocational certificates--to enable them to improve their lives and positively impact the community.
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Audubon Southwest

The Santa Fe Outdoor Education Collaboration is a joint project between Audubon, the Santa Fe Botanical Garden, and the Santa Fe Watershed Association to provide standards-aligned, hands-on third, fourth, and fifth grade life-science programming based in and around Santa Fe.
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Assistance Dogs of the West

Assistance Dogs of the West employs professional trainers who work with students of all ages and ability levels to train and place assistance dogs to serve other people with disabilities as well as people experiencing trauma, through our service dog, Courthouse Facility, and Crisis Response Canine programs.
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