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Larry Cox

Why I Give: Scholarships Jumpstart Careers and Create Opportunities

“I realize the importance of education and continuous learning after going to college at age 27. I went from working as general contractor to getting a PhD in physics and math that led a career at Livermore, then LANL in 1998.

Knowing the level of need in New Mexico, I decided to give to Los Alamos Employees’ Scholarship Fund in 1999, its first year. I’ve given every year since and increased my donation. I’ve mentored students at the Lab and served on the scholarship advisory committee.

It’s not about me or my contributions. These scholarships have a direct impact on education and quality of life for kids in Northern New Mexico, especially those from rural schools that are less technically oriented. I’ve seen the how scholarships jumpstart careers and create work opportunities at the lab.

The scholarship winners are all amazing. It’s so refreshing to spend time with youth who care about the future. It gives you hope.”

—Larry Cox, Scholarship Donor

Give to Scholarships

Scholarships are funded by private donors like you, many of whom work at Los Alamos National Laboratory. Your contribution supports students from all over Northern New Mexico pursuing higher education in any field of study.


Visit for valuable information about estate planning and legacy giving. For information about supporting LANL Foundation education programs, contact Tony Fox, Vice President of Advancement and Scholarships at or 505-7563-8890 x116.