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Empowering Teachers, Cultivating Talent

So often the message in education is that students are failing and it’s all the fault of teachers. Professional development is sent in to “fix” us and save our students from our shortcomings as educators. This is a powerfully disheartening message to absorb year after year, so it is no understatement to say that my experience with ISEC’s Teacher Leader Cadre has been key to keeping me enthused and engaged with my profession.

From the perspective of a teacher, I am much more open to learning from other teachers who know the realities faced by the students and educators in northern New Mexico’s classrooms. Our shared point of reference allows us to collaborate more fully towards productive and transformative practices.

From the point of view of a trainer, to lead colleagues through the implementation of ISEC’s science modules is incredibly affirming and empowering. I am able to share my knowledge with people I really respect, and as a result I feel better about our district, our state and my own abilities as a professional. As peers, trainer and trainee engage as equals, working together to bring the best possible experiences for our students. And that makes my job feel worthwhile.

–Rachel Gersh

ISEC Trainer and Member of the Teacher Leader Cadre
4th grade dual language teacher Santa Fe Public Schools