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2018 Scholar Viviana Martinez Espiricueta

Viviana Martinez Espiricueta pictured in The MASTERS program atrium. Education has opened up a world of possibility for her. Photo courtesy of the LANL Foundation, Andrea Multari

Viviana Martinez Espiricueta, 2018 graduate of The MASTERS Program will attend St. Edwards University to study business management with the support of a $10,000 Susan Herrera Scholarship.

“My goal is to be the successful businesswoman that my mother in Mexico has always believed me to be. Despite all obstacles—dropping out of school to support my single mom and brother; moving between two countries, Texas, and New Mexico; being two grades behind; working and supporting myself; and spending three hours each way on busses between home in Arroyo Seco and The MASTERS Program at the Santa Fe Community College—I have always managed to see the positive side of everything. I believe that hard work pays off and everyone can achieve greatness.

“I like building relationships, and connecting with people through their story. I see myself in the hospitality and tourism industry managing a hotel or restaurant, maybe in Santa Fe or even another country. This scholarship validates my endurance and the adversity I have overcome. It will make it easier for me to attend college without financial worry. I’m also really fortunate to get a summer internship at LANL in business administration to see how a business is run on a large scale.”

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