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Career Pathway: Education

Teachers and other educators make a lasting impact on the lives of students, families, and communities. As a high school student, you can get a head start on a rewarding career in education thanks to Education Career Pathway Programs sponsored by the LANL Foundation in partnership with Educators Rising of New Mexico and partner high schools.
Our Role
  • Dedicated to creating a shared resource model for teacher pathways through the Educators Rising program and coursework in northern NM that can be replicated in  rural counties.
  • Collaborate with districts and Charter Schools to develop the model, and develop processes that work to ensure appropriate and best practices. 
  • Provide a contact person to coordinate the implementation of Educators Rising in Taos County schools.
  • Provide funding for Teacher Leader and Site Coordinator stipends each  year.
  • Provide a summer intensive  for all site coordinators and teacher leader to understand and implement the program. 
  • Hold space for quarterly convenings of district leaders and participating staff.
  • Provide ongoing support and commitment to districts for the success of this program in Taos County high schools.
Taos County Educators Rising Collaborative

The Taos County Educators Rising class in Taos County High Schools introduces students to the education profession while teaching them leadership skills, builds interest in the field of education, and encourages a standard of excellence.

The Model
    • Taos County high schools will collaborate and share resources to provide Educators Rising opportunities to students at each high school.
    • A Teacher Leader (TL) will facilitate the class asynchronously through the school’s online platform at a county high school using the New Mexico Educators Rising and/or National Educators Rising curriculum. 
    • The Teacher Leader works with designated Site Coordinators (SC) to support curriculum, local internship opportunities, develop recruitment practices, coordinate conference opportunities and fundraising. 
    • The Teacher Leader communicates with Site Coordinator to support student’s academic success.
    • Site Coordinators at each school will support  students’ full participation and will enter grades or provide completed grade forms to counselors.
    • Students from all county high schools will participate in Educators Rising through the asynchronous platform: a designated space and time at their school is provided to support course completion.  
    • Students from all county high schools will participate in Educators Rising through the asynchronous platform: a designated space and time at their school is provided to support course completion.  
    District Role/Charter School Role
    • Commitment to support the Educators Rising program for the school year by signing an MOU with LANL Foundation.
    • Coordination of student travel and fundraising; sharing responsibilities among the districts and charter schools. 
    • Attend quarterly convenings of Taos County Collaboration. 
    School Role
    • Identify a Site Coordinator for the school year.
    • Districts that offer the NOVA (formerly STARS) courses, 0562, 0563, 0597 are considered CTE  pathways for  Educators Rising. 
    • Each School/District must enter the Academy 1 & 2 NOVA Codes on their registration platform: These courses are under CTE and part of Education Pathway:
      • Academy 1 = 0562
      • Academy 2 = 0563
      • Internship = 0592
    • Recruitment during college and career fairs, Ed Rising student created flyers posted throughout schools and student led information sessions at schools. 
    • Enrollment of students interested in the teacher pathway.
    • Principal will allow students and Site Coordinators and/or Teacher Leader to be  involved in internships, conference travel and fundraising.
    • School leaders will attend quarterly convenings. 

    Educators Rising is cultivating a new generation of highly skilled educators by guiding young people on a path from middle/high school through college and into their teaching careers, by working with future educators who reflect the demographics of their communities and who are passionate about serving those communities through public education.

    Taos Municipal Schools aims to prepare all students academically, socially, emotionally, and physically to help them develop the knowledge, critical thinking skills and character necessary to succeed in college, careers, the world
    of work, and beyond.