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Nan & Jeffrey Sauer Endow a Scholarship for Physical & Environmental Science

Nancy and Jeffrey Sauer know the importance of education. Through their own experiences, they understand that while some students have clear direction and assistance along the path to college and career, many others, especially those in Northern New Mexico, face greater obstacles to get there. It is the resiliency of local students, the couple’s lifelong commitment to science and their desire to support the hopes and dreams of students pursuing careers in the physical and environmental sciences that inspired them to endow a scholarship through the Los Alamos Employees’ Scholarship Fund and LANL Foundation.

From their generous donation, the Nancy & Jeffrey Sauer Scholarship was created for students seeking a bachelor’s degree in the physical sciences, including chemistry, physics, geology, hydrology or biology.

“It’s the stories that really compel you. Many students have overcome some significant challenges and really want to go into technical fields and are the first in their family to do that,” said Nan of their motivation to start a scholarship. “It makes you realize that you have an opportunity to make a difference. Scholarships are important for them be able to get to college.”

The Sauers built their careers in Los Alamos, Jeffrey as a physician and Nan working for Los Alamos National Laboratory, first as a researcher and now a manager. All along, they have shared a commitment to education and community. They see scholarships, encouragement, mentorship and a network of support as the means to get local students to college and ensure their success. They created their scholarship now in order to see the impact it has on students’ lives.

Nan met the first recipient of their scholarship during the LANL Scholars award reception on May 5. Amadeo Suazo, a 2019 graduate and valedictorian of Española Valley High School, will be heading off to the University of Kansas to study geology.  Amadeo shared his bright future with the crowd at the event.

Nan Sauer and scholarship recipient Amadeo Suazo

“My career plans are to become an geologist and make new and exciting discoveries. Through this scholarship, I will be able to pay for college more effectively and strive to achieve my aspirations. Thank you for your generosity,” said Suazo.

Nan and Jeffrey will continue to donate and encourage others to help build the fund.  This first year, the scholarship was a $1,000 one-time award but in the future will yield a four-year award for students who share the Sauers’ passion for the physical and environmental sciences.

“Northern New Mexico is a very special place, and we really love being here. Being able to give back to the area and help support the community we’ve been a part of for more than 30 years is really important. The Scholarship Fund allowed us to do that,” said Nan.

How to Give

Laboratory employees may contribute to scholarships through the Lab’s online Giving Tool. LANL Foundation accepts donations through its website at

To endow a scholarship supporting an area of student higher learning or to honor a loved one, please contact Tony Fox, LANL Foundation Vice President of Institutional Advancement and Scholarship at or 505-753-8890.

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