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Awarding Scholarships is Rewarding for ALL Involved. Update from the LANL Foundation Scholars Program

2021 was a big year for the LANL Foundation’s scholarship program! In partnership with the Los Alamos Employees’ Scholarship Fund (LAESF) Advisory Committee and the LANL Community Partnerships Office, the scholarship team supported two LANL employee giving campaigns with $378,621 generously donated by the LANL workforce. Triad National Security LLC donated $154,000 to provide scholarships for students with both exceptional leadership abilities and high financial need and students pursuing a 2-year degree or trade, and provided funding to support current LANL Scholars attending regional colleges and LANL Scholars alumni engagement.

The Foundation fundraised an additional $650,783 including $461,085 in newly endowed scholarship funds. These funds will help diversify the Foundation’s portfolio of scholarships, providing awards for students pursuing degrees in language arts, healthcare, education, and STEM. The Foundation also continued to partner with Anchorum St. Vincent and Christus St. Vincent to provide scholarships for students enrolled in Capital High School’s Medical Pathways Programs.

Since its inception in 1999, the LANL Foundation has awarded more than $9 million to over 1,900 scholars. Last year, we awarded scholarships to 149 outstanding Northern New Mexico students, totaling $848,500. 2022 will be an historic year, as we plan to surpass the $10 million milestone in scholarship awards!

The 4-Year Undergraduate Scholarship selection process is currently underway, with our dedicated team of LAESF volunteers poised to award nearly $800,000 to many of the best, brightest, and most deserving students from Northern New Mexico. While this process requires countless hours and tremendous effort, committee members share that it is the most rewarding and inspiring act of service that they participate in all year.

The Career Pathways scholarship is currently open, with over $100,000 earmarked to support students and adult learners pursuing an Associate’s degree, certificate program, or trade. As stated in a press release announcing the scholarship, “There is a tremendous demand for skilled workers in our region, and earning an Associate degree or trade certificate will undoubtedly open doors to rewarding, well-paying jobs right here in Northern New Mexico. Whether you are a high school senior seeking to earn an Associate degree and get to work or an adult learner returning to formal education or reskilling to make a career change, the Career Pathways Scholarship is available to support you.”

Applying for and receiving a scholarship can be transformative. As one LANL Scholar (who received a Career Pathways scholarship and is now applying for a 4-Year scholarship to pursue her Bachelor’s degree) recently shared, the act of telling her story, reflecting on all that she has overcome and articulating her goals for the future was powerful in and of itself. And to have the community truly see her, believe in her, and invest in her and her son’s future, means more than words can express.

Our scholars and alumni, like the young women mentioned above, are all around us. Chances are, if you mention the scholarship to anyone from Northern New Mexico, they will know someone who has received one of our scholarships (or perhaps are an alum themselves!). We are incredibly grateful for our donors and volunteers who choose to invest in education and opportunity for their fellow New Mexicans, and we invite you all to help spread the word to friends and family about joining us in our efforts. Whether serving as a donor, mentor or volunteer, your support will make a lasting and meaningful impact.