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The Employer’s Guide to Successful Internships

Internship programs give New Mexican employers a way to find, develop, and retain local talent. Young people in our state have deep connections to culture, family, and community. Participating in internships enables young people to envision themselves as professionals, to find work opportunities without leaving the state, to understand what is needed to succeed in the workplace, to make informed educational choices, and to find lasting purpose in both their community and their career. By investing in young New Mexicans today, employers can build their stable workforce of tomorrow.

This toolkit was created to guide you, the employer, in creating your internship program to recruit and retain promising, diverse interns.

Each section includes different activities, tools, and resources that you can adapt to support your context and process. Choose those that align to your goals, capacity, and desired outcomes. As our local young people bring unique cultural and community resources, this toolkit is grounded in Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) practices to develop a high-quality internship program that expands opportunities, access, and success or all of our New Mexican youth.