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Teacher Leader Cadre and Ongoing Teacher Support

The LANL Foundation’s Teacher Leader Cadre consists of 57 Science Teacher Leaders who represent 47 schools representing every ISEC school in Northern New Mexico and has consistently grown and transformed into a high-level support system utilized by teachers, principals and the LANL Foundation. Together, we have created a space for inquiry science to grow and be supported in K-6 classrooms in a new and successful way. Thanks to the TLC members, who step up to be a part of this cohort, we are able to collaboratively continue the work of ensuring that students have access to quality science curriculum and inquiry-based instruction. The purpose of the TLC is to create opportunities for ISEC teachers to develop and improve their own teaching practice, enhance their coaching, peer to peer mentoring and leadership skills as well as serve as lead point of contact for the LANL Foundation and support the teachers at their schools through Inquiry Science Professional Learning Communities.