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Gwen Warniment Chosen as Deputy Secretary for Teaching & Learning

LANL Foundation Congratulates Gwen Perea Warniment on Her Position within PED

Gwen Perea Warniment, Ph.D.  was selected by Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham to serve as Deputy Secretary for Teaching & Learning under Secretary of Education Karen Trujillo. The Public Education Department (PED) leadership team, which also includes three other deputy secretaries, is tasked with transforming public education in New Mexico.

“This is an exciting opportunity for Gwen and for our State. Along with the PED team, the legislature and the many nonprofits and activists who have been working for years to change education in New Mexico, Gwen will continue to make a significant impact for decades to come,” said LANL Foundation CEO Jenny Parks. 
“On behalf of our Board and entire staff, we can’t thank Gwen enough for the leadership she has brought to the Foundation and for all that she has taught us about public education in our State. It has been an honor and privilege to work with her.  She brings such passion, heart and intelligence to everything she does.”

Perea Warniment worked with the LANL Foundation for eight years within the  Inquiry Science Education Consortium (ISEC) including serving as Program Director and finally overseeing the broader K-12 Program office of education grants, partnerships, initiatives, and advocacy. She led the growth of ISEC to serve 44 elementary schools across 8 districts and 2 Pueblos, bringing experiential learning materials, high-quality curriculum and training to nearly 600 teachers and 12,000 students in Northern New Mexico. She was a strong voice in support of the adoption of Next Generation Science Standards and transitioned the ISEC curriculum to align with NGSS content and rigor in addition to overseeing relevant teacher professional development before the NM STEM Ready Standards were even adopted.

With over 18 years in education, her career includes teaching across elementary to postsecondary levels as well as facilitating tailored professional learning for educators and communities of practice. She has a strong background in designing and running STEM education programs with an eye toward innovative evaluation and longitudinal impact. A strong advocate for equity and community agency through public education, Perea Warniment finds a particular nexus among language, identity, and STEAM education.

Dear Partners, Allies, Education Leaders and Treasured Teachers:

It is with mixed emotions—sadness, hope, and bittersweet excitement—that I announce my resignation from the LANL Foundation. I begin a new chapter in my life as a Deputy Secretary for Teaching and Learning for the State of New Mexico. I was privileged to be asked to step forward and serve our State in this capacity, where I will be overseeing Teacher Quality, Assessment, and the span of Curriculum and Instruction Bureaus in the Public Education Department. This is an incredible responsibility, particularly as the Governor, Lt. Governor, and Secretary Trujillo look to re-envision the department as one that is built from a location of service and support that reinvigorates the profession and transform the system. 

My move into this role is fairly immediate, with less transition time than desired, given the nature of this position. Our LANL Foundation team has met to ensure there are no hiccups and all partners are served continuously. Soon, someone will be in touch with you to confirm continuity of service.  However, if you seek more information, please email Jaap Gardner, K-12 Program Assistant, at, and she will direct your communication to the correct person.

Please know it has been a profound honor to work with, and for, all of you these past six to ten years. I hope to continue to do so in my new role. I am extremely grateful to the LANL Foundation for providing the space through which I have developed lifelong friendships, partnerships, and opportunities to learn from such wonderful partners.
My new email is I look forward to continuing to work hand in hand to move New Mexico forward and build on the beautiful assets that our communities bring to the table.

Yours Sincerely,
Gwen Perea Warniment

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