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Scholarship Partners

Los Alamos National Laboratory & LANS

The Los Alamos Employees’ Scholarship Fund began as a partnership between the LANL Foundation, Los Alamos National Laboratory, and a few key employees who sought a way to give back to the communities in the surrounding area of Northern New Mexico.

One main goal has always been to provide incentive and encouragement for higher learning that would build an educated, skilled local workforce for the Lab and other business and industry.

Since the program began in 1998, the Laboratory workforce has donated over $4.6 million. As part of its commitment to the community, Los Alamos National Security, LLC (LANS) has generously contributed nearly $3 million to the scholarship program, which includes an annual investment up to $250,000 during the summer campaign that started in 2006 with its Laboratory management contract.

The Lab’s Community Partnerships and Communications & Public Affairs offices play an active role in fundraising during the summer giving campaign.

Many individuals from various Lab divisions and groups, with support from the Director’s office, hire scholarship winners as paid summer interns for valuable experience and mentorship. Some scholars pursue full-time careers at the Lab, the largest employer in Northern New Mexico.

Scholarship Advisory Committee

LAESF is governed by an Advisory Committee composed of donors who are Laboratory and contract employees and retirees selected by other donors.

The committee meets monthly to carry out the goals and objectives of the fund and works year round to ensure a quality scholarship program.

Members conduct the difficult and rigorous process to determine which of the hundreds of student applicants will receive awards. They also conduct outreach at all high schools in the seven counties of Northern New Mexico to inform students of scholarship opportunities.

2017-2018 LAESF Advisory Committee Members

  • Tony Fox, VP of Institutional Advancement & Scholarships
  • John McDermon, Scholarship Program Manager
  • Joanna Gillespie, Community Partnerships Office (CPO) Laison
  • Felicia Archuleta-Toya
  • Audrey Archuleta
  • Julie Bremser
  • Eli Ben-Naim
  • Cassandra Casperson
  • Lynne Knight Clarkson
  • David Cremer
  • Paul Dunn
  • Crystal Espinoza
  • Bryan Fearey
  • Connie Figley
  • Felice Gurule (sabatacal)
  • Prabhu Khalsa
  • Leon Lopez
  • Briana Lucero
  • Andrea Martinez
  • Rebecca Martinez
  • Jerri McTaggart
  • Daniel Trugman
  • Frederic Montoya
  • Andrea Pistone, Chair
  • Tania Sanchez, Immediate Past Chair
  • Raeanna Sharp-Geiger, Chair-elect
  • Zulma Soto Hodges
  • Sadonna Tapia (sabatacal)
  • Enrique Torres
  • Tina Varela
  • Andrew Wolfsberg (sabatacal)

We also thank the LAESF Advisory Committee members who served in the past:

  • Eva Baca
  • Eve Bauer
  • David Bowman
  • Michael Cai
  • Rebecca Chamberlin
  • David Chavez
  • Norman Delamater
  • Randy Erickson
  • Greg Erpenbeck
  • Robin Franke
  • Steve Glick
  • Phil Goldstone
  • Elaine Jacobs
  • Wendy Marcus
  • Ted Martinez
  • Stephanie McReynolds
  • Anne Menefee
  • Evelyn Mullen
  • Carole Rutten
  • Andrea Salazar
  • Toni Taylor
  • Donald Thorp
  • Patrick Trujillo
  • Phil Tubesing
  • Clare Webber
  • Carolyn Zerkle