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Mike Phelan

As Deloitte’s Managing Partner for New Mexico, Mike deployed Deloitte’s global resources here locally to the benefit of New Mexico government and higher education organizations. He further deployed Deloitte financial and volunteer resources to a variety of community organizations in need of sponsorships and scholarships, with a focus on the advancement of STEM skills development. In the process Mike built a locally based team of over 130 STEM and management consulting professionals in Santa Fe and Albuquerque.

During his career, Mike has worked with some of the world’s most recognized companies by transforming their operations and addressing their market/customer needs through organizational and technology transformation.  Some of these companies include Texas Instruments, Nortel Networks, GEC-Marconi Ltd., Mastercard International and Southwest Airlines to name a few.  His experience with these multi-national corporations is in the areas of business strategy design, product design, business process design and operations management. 

Holding several national leadership roles for Deloitte, Mike – a native New Mexican – saw an opportunity to make a positive impact in his home state and communities through Deloitte.  He moved to Santa Fe from Deloitte’s Dallas office and opened New Mexico offices focused solely on supporting the state and communities right here at home.   Over the next 15 years, Deloitte – under Mike’s leadership – has been privileged to serve over 12 state Departments and Universities in helping them meet their business objectives.  In doing so, Mike built a locally based IT and management consulting team comprised of over 130 professionals.  This team has built and implemented systems that:

  • Serve over 1 million New Mexicans in need every day
  • Provided over $4B in unemployment assistance during the pandemic
  • Collect over 30% of all state general funds through oil & gas royalties
  • Efficiently run all state accounting, payroll and vendor payment functions

Mike also led Deloitte to be active in the community.  He deployed financial and volunteer resources in support of various sponsorships and scholarships including (to name only a few):

  • The Governor’s STEM Challenge
  • The New Mexico Excellence in STEM Awards (STEMYS)
  • The Explora Experiential Learning Center
  • The New Mexico Tech Council’s Women In Technology program
  • The New Mexico Center for Therapeutic Riding (equine therapy)

Mike is a full-time resident of Santa Fe and remains active in various business and community support endeavors.  He is a member of the New Mexico State University Arrowhead Innovation Network and actively advises entrepreneurial startups.