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The Regional College/Returning Student (RCRS) Scholarship Fund awards scholarships to motivated students returning to a formal education after a hiatus for other pursuits.  These scholarship candidates may have left formal education for business, the military, or other reasons, possibly for an extended period, and are now seeking to expand their opportunities with a two-year undergraduate degree or  certificate through a program in the regional area.

Selection is based primarily on merit, similar to the other LAESF Scholarships. But because the focus is on returning students, some of whom may have been out of formal education for several years, there will be special emphasis on initiative, motivation, and accomplishments and less on grade point average or tests.

RCRS Scholarships are one-year awards of $1,500. Applicants can re-apply once every 365 days while they complete the two-year degree or certification program if they remain in good academic standing making progress toward completion. For example, if you apply in Oct/Nov you will not be eligible until Oct/Nov the following year.

Coming: The Michael Hiskey Nursing Scholarship is a memorial scholarship established to honor Michael A. Hiskey’s love of education and appreciation for the nursing vocation. Michael and his friends recognized the need to create more opportunities for students in the region to enter the nursing profession, a vocation that is experiencing a shortage, especially in rural areas. Awards are for individuals pursuing a two-year associate’s degree in nursing, and amounts are dependent upon funds available. This scholarship should be available to award in 2020.

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Eligibility & Criteria

Regional College Returning Student Scholarships are ONLY for students currently enrolled in or planning to enroll in a two-year degree program or certificate program — NOT for students already working on a 4-year degree.

If you’re pursuing a two-year degree or certificate with the intent of someday completing a 4-year degree, this is fine, so long as you’re still in your 2-year degree program.

Additional Requirements Include:

  • Must be a resident of the seven-county area of Northern New Mexico (Los Alamos, Mora, Rio Arriba, San Miguel, Sandoval, Santa Fe, and Taos).
  • Must have received a high school diploma or GED.
  • Eligibility is dependent upon one year or more away from formal education before returning to pursue new career opportunities. Preference will be shown toward applicants who are out of formal education more than two years.
  • Preference may also be given to students pursuing programs related to science, technology, engineering, mathematics, and related vocations, although strong applications in any program area will be considered.

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