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Science Resource Center:
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Gwen Warniment,
ISEC Program Director

(505) 753-8890 ext. 120

Danielle Gothie,
ISEC Professional
Development Coordinator

(505) 753-8890 ext. 117

Doris Rivera,
ISEC Professional Development Specialist

(505) 753-8890 ext. 132

Bryan Maestas, Science Resource Center Coordinator
(505) 351-1112


What Is Inquiry STEM Education?

One of the stronger descriptions of inquiry science comes from the Smithsonian Science Education Center (SSEC):

“Inquiry-centered” science allows students to conceptualize a question and then seek a possible explanation that responds to that question. Encompassing much more than “hands-on” or open-ended science teaching, comprehensive inquiry-centered science instruction:

• Teaches students how to think—not just what to think;
• Assesses students’ current knowledge and skills, then builds upon them;
• Encourages students to conceptualize a question and then seek a possible explanation;
• Actively engages children;
• Promotes teamwork and collaboration;
• Accommodates different learning styles; and
• Enhances learning in other content areas, especially reading, mathematics, and social studies.





Inquiry science programs are highly successful for closing student achievement gaps, especially when partnered with literacy and math.

ISEC Evaluation Report:
   program raises scores in
   science literacy & math

Smithsonian Science
   Education Center


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