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Tony Fox, Program Officer
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Scholarship Program

In 1998, Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL) and its employees, retirees, and contractors partnered with the LANL Foundation to create the Los Alamos Employees’ Scholarship Fund (LAESF). The Fund’s goal is to provide scholarships that support the students of Northern New Mexico who are pursuing 4-year undergraduate degrees in fields that will serve the region. Awards are based on academic performance, leadership potential, critical thinking skills, and career goals. Financial need, diversity, and regional representation are integral components of the selections process.

To keep up with the growing need for qualified accountants, financial analysts, and business information system professionals within our Tribal communities, we proudly announce the Northern New Mexico Tribal Business Scholarship. This year, one giving option during the LAESF campaign is to designate your gift to the Northern New Mexico Tribal Business Scholarship Fund. The first Tribal Business Scholarships were awarded in August, 2014.

In 2011 LAESF introduced the Regional College/Returning Student Scholarship Fund. This fund awards scholarships to motivated students returning to a formal education, after a hiatus for other pursuits. These scholarship candidates may have left formal education for business, the military, or other reasons, possibly for an extended period, and are now seeking to expand their opportunities with a certificate or a two-year degree through a program in the regional area.

Since 1999, nearly 1000 Northern New Mexico students have been awarded $4.5 million in scholarships—funds contributed by LANL employees, retirees, and contractors, as well as the business partners of our Northern New Mexico community. In 2014, 73 students were awarded scholarships totaling $419,500. Click to view the 2014 scholarship recipients.

Annual Campaign
The LANL Foundation celebrated the 2014 annual fundraising drive with a record number of donors and dollars contributed! We’d like to thank each of the 620 LANL employees who contributed over $313,000 to LAESF this year. We’d especially like to thank Los Alamos National Security, LLC (LANS) which once again matched $250,000 in employee contributions. With the LANS match, and contributions from a non-LANL employees, LAESF successfully exceeded its goal by raising a whopping $592,849. Way to go everyone!

The next LAESF fundraising campaign will begin in May, 2015. General donations are accepted year round. Click here to give to scholarships.

Ways to Give
For a description of the various funds, click here.
· General donations may be made using our secure online pledge form or by mailing a check with the general PDF form to the LANL Foundation, Attn: Scholarship Program Officer, 1112 Plaza del Norte, Espanola, NM 87532.
· LANL employees may only make pledges through the online Oracle payroll deduction system (no hard-copy forms) in order to receive the LANS match.
· LANL Affiliates & Guest Scientists and Craft employees will be given separate hard-copy forms, which must be used in order to receive the LANS match.

Contact Tony Fox, Scholarship Program Officer, for more information: tony@lanlfoundation.org or (505) 753-8890 ext. 116.

The LANL Foundation administers the scholarship fund and ensures that all donor contributions go directly to student awards. All donations are tax-deductible. The LANS match is subject to an 11% administrative fee.

2014 Gold Scholars Alexandr Wang & Greta Miller, Platinum Scholar Raymond Fasano (above)

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View 2014 Scholarship recipients!

Applications for 2016 LAESF Scholarships will be accepted beginning in October 2015.

Apply online for Regional College/Returning Student Scholarships, due June 15, 2015.

Earth & Environmental Science Scholarship available for students seeking undergrad degrees in climate, energy and/or water conservation fields. Download application, due Dec 23, 2014.

Applications for 2015 NNM Tribal Business Scholarships awards will be accepted starting in April, 2015. Read more

LAESF Student Highlights:
» 2014 Raymond Fasano
» 2014 Alicia Aragon
» 2014 Alexandr Wang
» 2014 Greta Miller
» 2014 Ryan Toma

» 2009 Siri Khalsa
» 2012 Antonio Cobian
» 2013 Kevin Gao
» 2013 Alicia Dominguez
» 2013 Joel Runnels
» 2008 Scholar Marina Volegova
» 2008 Ian Martinez
» 2008 Ellie Powell
» 2012 Jacob Leyba

Past scholarship recipients, where are they now?

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