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LAESF Advisory Committee

The LAESF is governed by an advisory committee composed of donors who are Laboratory and contract employees and retirees selected by other donors. The committee meets monthly to carry out the goals and objectives of the fund and works year round to ensure a quality scholarship program.

2016-2017 LAESF Advisory Committee Members

• Audrey Archuleta
• Eva Baca
• Eve Bauer
• David Bowman
• Julie Bremser
• Lynne Clarkson
• Norman Delamater
• Paul Dunn
• Steve Glick
• Felice Gurule
• Stephani Johnson
• Prabhu Khalsa
• Leon Lopez
• Wendy Marcus



• Rebecca Martinez
• Ted Martinez
• John McDermon
• Evelyn Mullen
• Andrea Pistone
• Carole Rutten
• Andrea Salazar-Gallegos
• Tania Sanchez
• Raeanna Sharp-Geiger
• Sadonna Tapia
• Enrique Torres
• Andrew Wolfsberg
• Tony Fox, VP of Insitutiuonal Advancement & Scholarships

Program Evolution

In 2005, the LAESF Advisory Committee implemented several changes to enhance the quality and effectiveness of future awards. In the past, a majority of the scholarships were one-time awards. Beginning in 2008, all awards became four-year scholarships, which better meets the needs of students in our region.

In 2007, the committee revised the selections process. After reviewing a wealth of data showing that standardized test scores correlate strongly with household income, they adopted a new policy to increase points awarded to applicants’ evaluations based upon financial background. The new selections process ensures a more equitable distribution of scholarship funds across the diverse applicant pool. LAESF is a merit-based scholarship but acknowledges the fact that overcoming financial hardship while excelling academically is highly meritorious.

The committee approved the creation of the Regional College/Returning Student Scholarship fund in 2011 to award scholarships to motivated students returning to a formal education after a hiatus for other pursuits. These candidates may have left formal education for business, the military, or other reasons, possibly for an extended period, and now seek to expand their opportunities with a certificate or a two-year degree through a program in the regional area.

In 2014, the Northern New Mexco Tribal Business Scholaship was created to support Native stiudents and their Tribe or Pueblo community's need for qualified business professionals.

LAESF Advisory Committee meeting (above)

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LAESF Student Highlights:
» 2016 Arasely Rodriguez
» 2016 Joaquin Montano
» 2016 Lindsay Redman
» 2016 Solomon Sindelar
» 2016 Katherine Wang

» 2015 Dawn Penso
» 2014 Raymond Fasano
» 2014 Alicia Aragon
» 2014 Alexandr Wang
» 2014 Greta Miller
» 2014 Ryan Toma
» 2013 Kevin Gao
» 2013 Alicia Dominguez
» 2013 Joel Runnels
» 2012 Antonio Cobian
» 2012 Jacob Leyba
» 2009 Siri Khalsa
» 2008 Scholar Marina Volegova
» 2008 Ian Martinez
» 2008 Ellie Powell

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