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ISEC Instructional Team Offers On-going Teacher Professional Development

November 1, 2015 – The Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL) Foundation's Inquiry Science Education Consortium (ISEC) Instructional Team is providing exciting research-based professional development to staff in participating ISEC schols and districts. Trainers will come to school sites and work with the entire staff or grade level bands during professional learning community gatherings or staff meetings on any of the three strands described below. Each strand is comprised of four one-hour sessions.

Strand I: Formative Assessment – From Inquiry Science Notebooking to Understanding Gaps in Student Learning

This strand focuses on teachers learning to look at student work to find gaps in learning and develop action steps to address these gaps. The sequence of this strand begins with an introduction to the inquiry process and the purpose of science notebooking, protocols for looking at student work, and next steps for instructional change. This strand can help align grading protocols at schools.

Strand II: Meaning Making – Using Accountable Talk and Questioning Strategies to Help Make Student Thinking Visible and Increase Classroom Discourse

This strand focuses on creating a classroom environment where students own their discourse and use accountable talk techniques to engage in discussion with quesitoning tools that demonstrates their understanding. Teachers learn to embrace the art of argumentation, substantive conversations, and evidence-based discussions with their students while being able to informally assess student learning.

Strand III: Advanced Scientific Literacy – Utilizing Visual Literacy and Written Expression to Increase Students’ Vocabulary and Ability to Communicate Their Understanding of Concepts

This strand looks at more advanced forms of writing to help students generate claims and evidence as well as other reflective writing. The visual literacy component will remind and refresh teachers knowledge of different modalities of communication, from data tables to schematic drawings. Reading strategies that help students think critically about text will also be embedded in this strand and focus on informational text.

Please contact Danielle Gothie, Professional Development Coordinator for the ISEC Program, at danielle@lanlfoundation.org or 505.753.8890 ext 117, to schedule professional development with the ISEC Instructional Team.

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