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Conference on Education
First Born Conference

Conference on Education
A Day with Ruby Payne – What Teachers Need to Know: A Framework for Understanding Poverty

About the Conference

The LANL Foundation was pleased to sponsor renowned educator, Dr. Ruby Payne, who presented “A Framework for Understanding Poverty”, a powerful workshop training providing tools for educators to improve the education of children from poverty. Designed for educators at all levels, the seminar provides practical, real-world support and guidance for overcoming barriers and helping other succeed. The conference eas held on January 3, 2011 from 8 am to 1 pm at the Buffalo Thunder Resort and Conference Center.

Workshop Description

In her workshop, “A Framework for Understanding Poverty”, Dr. Ruby Payne provided an in-depth study of information and issues that increase participants’ understanding of the poverty culture. How does poverty impact learning, work habits, or decision making? In an educational setting, economic class differences can create conflict and challenges for both teachers and students alike.

What audiences learned:
• Impact of economic class differences on communication, interactions, and expectations
• Symptoms of generational poverty and how they differ from situational poverty
• Poverty-related behaviors and mindsets that affect learning
• Identification of the resources and strengths of any student
• Tips, tools, and intervention strategies proven to increase your effectiveness
• “Hidden rules” or social cues that differ greatly between the classes

This workshop covered the following topics:
• 12 key points in understanding poverty
• Resources and case studies
• Registers of language
• Story structure
• Cognitive development
• Family structure
• Hidden rules
• Discipline interventions
• Building relationships

Registration Fee:

The registration fee is $50.00 per person and includes breakfast, lunch, and all conference materials.

ISEC Teachers in Cohort 1* may attend at no charge.

School Districts are sponsoring a limited number of non-ISEC teachers. Contact your school principal for more information.
School District Purchase Order Number is required to register.

*ISEC teachers for Cohort 1 are teaching inquiry science curriculum in SY 2010-11 (4 districts and 10 schools)
Española School District: ETS, Hernández, JHR, TEQ
Mesa Vista School District: El Rito, Ojo Caliente
Peñasco School District: Peñasco
Santa Fe School District: Amy Biehl, Aspen, Salazar


Dr. Ruby Payne will provide tools for educators to improve the education of children from poverty.

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