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Winter 2012 ISEC Teachers' Workshop:
“The Art of Science Note-booking” with David Marsland

About the Workshop

The LANL Foundation was pleased to have sponsored David Marsland who presented “The Art of Science Note-booking” during the Winter 2012 ISEC Teachers' Workshop held on Monday, January 2, 2012 from 9:00 am to 3:30 pm at Buffalo Thunder Resort and Conference Center. This free event was host to about 400 educators from participating ISEC districts and included science note-booking breakout sessions by grade lead by the Science Literacy Coaches. The day concluded with a free school book giveaway made possible by donations from United World College in Las Vegas, NM.

Workshop Description

Humankind has been recording their observations of the natural world since prehistoric times. We have records of their observations from art on cave walls, burial sites, and records of crucial events in their lives. The need to record to pass knowledge to others in both time and space has evolved over the years to include pictures, writing, and now digitally stored information. Science, which is about the observation and interpretation of the natural and human-made world, has at its core the communication of knowledge and ideas. Central to this complex and time-consuming process is the tool we call the “scientist’s notebook”. During this presentation Mr. Marsland explored the scientist’s notebook, how it has evolved over time, and how it is an integral tool in laboratory and fieldwork. More importantly, the workshop examined using a science notebook in the context of the education of our children—not just as a vital component of learning science through inquiry, but also as a tool for student assessment as well as teaching mathematics, literacy, and language skills.


David Marsland provided successful techniques on engaging student learning through the use of science notebooks.

Agenda & Speaker
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