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Conference on Education
First Born Conference

11th Annual Conference on Education

The LANL Foundation’s commitment to investing in human potential begins with the vision of engaging Northern New Mexico communities in meeting long-standing regional needs and educational excellence. Each year, the LANL Foundation has presented an annual conference as a public service to legislators, business leaders, academics, program administrators, social service providers, and other community leaders specializing in early childhood development, education, community and economic development, planning, and social policy.

The Economic Impact of Early Childhood Learning
The 11th Annual Conference on Education, titled “The Economic Impact of Early Childhood Learning”, was held on Friday, October 5, 2007 at La Fonda on the Plaza in Santa Fe. Early childhood education programs are rarely portrayed as economic development initiatives yet they have been proven to yield high rates of both public and private return on investment. The 2007 conference brought together the work of leading economists, business leaders, and early childhood development experts who addressed the critical need for investment in early childhood development and learning to promote social justice, economic growth, and productivity.

Session Topics and Speakers

Keynote Speaker: Lieutenant Governor Diane D. Denish (invited)

Session 1: Investing in Early Childhood Learning: Engaging State and Local Business Leaders to Act
Speaker: Robbin Johnson
, Senior Vice President, Corporate Affairs (retired) Cargill, Incorporated.

Session 2: Assessing the Promise of Early Childhood Interventions
Speaker: Rebecca Kilburn
, Ph.D., Senior Economist and Director, RAND Child Policy, RAND Corporation

Session 3: The Long-term Health and Economic Impacts of Reducing Adverse Childhood Events
Speaker: Ron Voorhees
, M.D., M.P.H., former Chief Medical Officer, New Mexico Department of Health

Session 4: Making the Accountability Case for Early Childhood Investment
Speaker: Mark Friedman
, Director, Fiscal Policy Studies Institute

The 11th Annual Conference on Education explored the return on investment in early childhood learning
Robbin Johnson, Investing in
   Early Childhood Learning:
   Engaging State and Local
   Business Leaders to Act

Rebecca Kilburn, Assessing
   the Promise of Early
   Childhood Interventions

Ron Voorhees, The Long-term
   Health and Economic Impacts
   of Reducing Adverse
   Childhood Events

Mark Friedman, Making the
   Accountability Case for
   Early Childhood Investment

10th Annual Conference
   on Education

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